Did you see what happened today?

What happened is that the cartoonists and satirists of the world united and they drew for their colleagues Cabu, Charb, Tignous and Wolinski, and all others who were brutally gunned down today for doing nothing but speaking out against stupidity and narcissistic fools.


The cartoonists and satirists drew their cartoons today not to avenge anyone. That would be a stupid thing to do, because we don’t live in the dark ages.

The cartoonists and satirists drew their cartoons today because that is their weapon, a weapon that can harm no one, but can change the world.

Fundamentalists (of all kinds) are fundamentally narcissists, and there is no greater joy to a cartoonist than to explode a narcissist’s ego, to shoot at his inability to laugh at himself. I expect there are fundamentalist idiots all over the world tonight, humourlessly congratulating themselves on “avenging the prophet Mohammed”, as they sit huddled in their tiny bedrooms or tiny caves in the dark, metaphorically as well as literally. They will be firing their kalashnikovs into the air, and planning their next murderous campaigns, because they are backward narcissistic adolescent minded morons.


We cartoonists and satirists, on the other hand, will be sharpening our pencils, sharpening our minds, and getting to work… and we won’t ever stop. We can’t.

There’s an innate urge in us to do what we do. We might not all do what the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo have been doing for the last few years… we might not all be brave enough (although I sense that what happened today may well steel some of us). We point out the stupidity of the human race, we pinch pomposity’s bulbous arse and we show people what we see as we see it. It might be something as light and funny, it might be something dark and disgusting. We draw and we write and we hurt no one (except some feelings), we spill no blood, we kill no one, we destroy no one’s family.

The cartoonists and satirists of Charlie Hebdo have been speaking out against islamic fundamentalism for a long time, and they spoke out quite violently at times, but damn their murderers to hell, they never hurt a soul.

And so the cartoonists drew today, and by tomorrow, the writers will have done today justice too.

What the fundamentally narcissistic fundamentalists don’t seem to understand is that when the cartoonists and satirists of the world get over the shock of today, we will violently poke fun at them, we will stab their inflated sense of importance, we will eviscerate their pathetic ideals.

What it boils down to is that we are intelligent enough not to kill.

Cartoonists and satirists of the world, sharpen your pencils. We all have work to do.